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dot  2015-2016
2015-01 The Taschereau-Amos-Senneterre segment and its metallogenic potential
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2015-02 The context for gold mineralization in iron formations
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2015-03 Optimization of drilling grids for the calculation of resources (
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2015-04 Exploration strategies for PGE-Au-Cu (and Ni-Cu) deposits in the Labrador trough
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2015-05 Hydrogeochemical prospects for mineral exploration - Phase 1!
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2015-06 Mobility of gold in high-grade metamorphic deposits
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2015-07 Project integration and synthesis-orogenic gold in Abitibi
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2015-08 Normative calculation for sulphides and oxides
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2015-09 Support / coaching / training
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dot  2014-2015
2014-01 Mineralogical and chemical characteristics of alteration in high-grade metamorphic rocks - phase ll
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2014-02 Graphite - rich black shales in the sedimentary basins of the Abitibi
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2014-03 Corridor along the extension of highway (route 167): geological synthesis and assessment of mineral favourability
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2014-04 Regional exploration guides for Cu, Au, Mo (Pb, Zn) porphyries and skarns in the Gaspé region
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2014-05 Optimization of ICP-MS phased-array suites for mineral exploration
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2014-06 Integration and synthesis project: plutonism and mineralization in Abitibi
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2014-07 Project for the integration of Ni-Cu-PGE magmatic mineralization
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2014-08 Projects for training / coaching members
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dot  2013-2014
2013-01 Indicator minerals in secondary environments for base metal deposit exploration (porphyry, IOCG, magmatic Cu-Ni, VMS
2013-02Extension of the Sunday Lake Fault (Detour Gold Mine, Ont.) into Quebec and its potential for gold and base metal mineralisation
2013-03 The relationship between gold mineralisation and metamorphic isograds in the Abitibi region
2013-04 Mineralogical and chemical characteristics of alterations in high-grade metamorphic rocks – phase I
2013-05 Quality assurance and control (QA/QC) in mineral exploration: synthesis and evaluation of current practices
2013-06 Discrimination of graphitic and sulphidic electromagnetic conductors
2013-07 Classification of alteration associated with gold mineralisation in the Abitibi region
2013-08 Interpretation of sterile massive sulphide bodies

dot  2011-2012
2011-01 Types of gold mineralisation along the Cadillac Fault
2011-02 Types of intrusions associated with large deformation zones in the Abitibi and their relationship with gold mineralisation
2011-03 Uranium and rare metal mineralisation potential in the granitoid suites of the central Grenville/td>
2011-04 Software for processing lithogeochemical data (Lithomodeleur) -Phase 3
2011-05 Optimisation of till data for exploration, Phase 2
2011-06 Optimisation of soil geochemical data using strong acids
2011-07 Subalkaline porphyry Cu-Au: geochemical characteristics and exploration targets in the Archean and Paleoproterozoic high-grade metamorphic terrains of Quebec
2011-08 Paleoenvironmental re-evaluation of the Selbaie volcanic complex and its metallogenic potential

dot  2010-2011
2010-01 LithoModeleur – Software for analysing lithogeochemistry: Phase 2
2010-02 Gold fertility in shear zones
2010-03 The Lebel-sur-Quévillon / Lac Short (Abitibi) metallogenic corridor revisited
2010-04 Conceptual re-evaluation of VMS exploration models in the Abitibi Subprovince
2010-05 Optimisation of till data for exploration
2010-06 Evaluation the potential of the Labrador Trough for mineralisation associated with the opening phase
2010-07 Detecting deposits under glacial overburden using the MMI method: synthesis, case studies, perspectives
2010-08 Potential for IOCG mineralisation in an intracratonic or continental arc settings in the Archean and Proterozoic terrains of Quebec

dot  2009-2010
2009-01 Software tool for processing lithogeochemical data
2009-02 Enhancement and interpretation of stream sediment surveys
2009-03 Lithogeochemical signature of semiconcordant epidote‐quartz alterations associated with VMS
2009-04 Identification of major synvolcanic structures in VMS environments, Abitibi Subprovince
2009-05 Plutons as a tool for the exploration of IOCG: Implications for the Abitibi
2009-07 Metamorphic signatures for SEDEX and VMS‐types of mineralisation in the Grenville Province
2009-08 Alteration associated with gold in sedimentary rocks
2009-09 Geochemical reconnaissance of protoliths in high‐grade metamorphic terrains
2009-10 Crustal permeability in Northern Quebec and exploration guides for gold, uranium and diamonds

dot  2008-2009
2008-01 Crustal permeability and hydrothermalism: implications for orogenic gold mineralisation in the Abitibi
2008-04 Recognition of synvolcanic faults fertile for VMS in deformed greenstone belts: application in the Val‐d'Or area
2008-05 Crustal structures and the potential of mafic intrusions in the Grenville Province for magmatic Cu‐Ni‐PGE mineralisation
2008-06 Exploration strategies for zinc in the Grenville Province
2008-07 Support tools for processing geochemical alteration data
2008-08 Carbonatation phase 3: Characterisation of carbonatation in volcanogenic and orogenic environment
2008-09 Optimisation of stream sediment surveys for exploration
2008-10 Targeting tool for lake‐bottom and stream sediment anomalies
2008-11 Cu‐Ni fertility of mafic and ultramafic intrusions
2008-12 Lithophile mineralisation associated with granitic bodies

dot  2007-2008
2007-02 Development of radiometric data for Uranium and Ni-Cu-PGE exploration in the Grenville Province (phase 2)
2007-03 Recognition of fertile synvolcanic structures
2007-04 Tracers of volcanogenic fertility in volcanic hiatus indicators
2007-05 Hydrothermal overprint in the roof of VMS deposits
2007-06 Fertility of intrusions for Archean gold mineralisation
2007-07 Auriferous sedimentary environments in a high-grade metamorphic terrane
2007-08 New exploration models in the Grenville Province: Opportunities for skarn deposits
2007-09 Zinc exploration strategies in the Appalachians
2007-10 Alteration minerals used as exploration guides
2007-11 Development of a targeting tool using neural networks

dot  2006-2007
2006-01 Recognition criteria for calderas in the Abitibi Subprovince — the New Senator Caldera, Rouyn, Blake River Group
2006-02 Analysis of fertility indicators around the plutons of the Abitibi Subprovince
2006-03 Translithospheric structures: implications for diamonds and other economic materials
2006-04 Zoning and typology of carbonatation for Au-BM mineralisation— phase 2
2006-05 Integration of radiometric and magnetic data for the Grenville Province: Implications for U mineralisation
2006-06 Geological controls on orogenic gold mineralisation in the Abitibi Subprovince– phase 1
2006-08 Gold mineralisation in a sedimentary environment - A new territory: The Pontiac Group
2006-09 Recognition criteria for the fertility of mafic environments

dot  2005-2006
2005-01 Mineralisation and metasomatism associated with plutons of the Abitibi Subprovince
2005-03 Identification of geochemical domains and generation of exploration targets - Phase 2
2005-04 Zoning and typology of carbonatation – a tool for gold and VMS exploration
2005-05 Opportunity for U mineralisation in the Grenville Province
2005-06 Data integration method for forecasting geology for mapping
2005-08 Optimisation of drill data
2005-09 Opportunity for Mo mineralisation in Gaspe Region
2005-10 New exploration model for Blake River, Abitibi Subprovince

dot  2004-2005
2004-01 Fertility of small Archean greenstone belts – Phase II
2004-02 The PER-GH: a new classification index for felsic volcanics for the recognition of fertile environments
2004-04 Structure of cratons and kimberlite fields – Phase II
2004-06 Spatial distribution of gold deposits in Archean volcanic belts
2004-07 Neural networks and mineral potential
2004-09 Identification of geochemical domains
2004-11 Indicator minerals for metamorphosed metal deposits
2004-16 Reconstruction of tectonic paleopressure in the Gaspe Region with implications for the exploration of gold mineralisation and Cu-Au skarns

dot  2003-2004
2003-01 Fertility of small greenstone belts
2003-02A Opportunities for gold mineralisation in high-grade metamorphic terrains
2003-02B Parautochtone grenvillien, une zone à fort potentiel
2003-03 Modeling of paleostresses and paleopressures and prediction of mineralised gold areas along the Porcupine-Destor Fault
2003-04 Coefficient of favourable geometry for exploration targets (phase 2)
2003-05A Geochemical classification of favourable felsic volcanic environments
2003-05B Geochemical signature of sulphide masses as tracers of fertile mineralisation environments
2003-07 Structure of cratons and kimberlite fields
2003-08 Selecting industrial minerals for using as mineral filler
2003-09 A new exploration tool for platinum group elements exploration - the RA-PGE diagram
2003-10 Indicator minerals in exploration: chromite and tourmaline

dot  2002-2003
2002-01A Parameterisation of hydrothermal alteration: testing of PIMA on Archean altered rocks
2002-01B Paramètres de l’altération hydrothermale : comparaison de performance entre plusieurs indicateurs, phase 3 (Pluton de Mooshla) 
2002-02 Development of new tools for PGE exploration
2002-03 Geophysical megalineaments and mineralisation in the Superior Province
2002-04 Analysis of gold-bearing vein systems
2002-05 3D modelling of the Quaternary deposits in the Casa-Bérardi mine area - Implications for exploration
2002-08 Geometric configuration of exploration targets
2002-09 Tools for diamond exploration in Québec – Spatial analysis of kimberlite fields

dot  2001-2002
2001-01 Comparison of the geophysical characteristics of Au and base metal deposits in the Abitibi
2001-03 Typology of synvolcanic intrusions for mineral exploration in the Abitibi
2001-04 Targeting mineralisation using glacial dispersion in the Abitibi Subprovince
2001-05 Opportunity for possible Archean epithermal deposits
2001-06 Opportunity for gold deposits in a sedimentary environment in the Abitibi Subprovince
2001-07 Opportunity for gold deposits associated with intrusions in Abitibi
2001-08 Metallogenic model for orogenic gold in the Abitibi Subprovince
2001-09 Testing of a process for extracting titanium from ilmenite
2001-10 Parameters of hydrothermal alteration: performance comparison of several indicators, phase 2 (Comtois property)
2001-11 Modeling of paleopressure in the southern volcanic zone of the Abitibi Subprovince: a predictive tool for exploration

dot  2000-2001
2000-01 Comparison of the geophysical characteristics of Au and base metal deposits in the Abitibi
2001-03 Typology of synvolcanic intrusions for mineral exploration in the Abitibi

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